Hands holding Green globe of EarthWith our quick services in Louisville, KY, at Rusty Rooster Recycling we are the honest scrapper’s best friend. We help customers unload their metals, and you may even receive a cash reward in return. Our scrapyard and recycling business specializes in recycling aluminum, recycling copper, and scrap metals services. Join us for our locally famous $50 drawing three times a week every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday —we believe in giving back to both our clients and the planet, too.too.

We care about the environment at Rusty Rooster Recycling, which is why we are doing our part to help our community, both near and global, to do the right thing in recycling scrap metal. Did you know that aluminum is infinitely recyclable? We want to promote the use and recycling of materials such as this one, keeping waste out of our landfills and helping to build a brighter tomorrow.

All of the metal recycling services available from our team are offered to residential, commercial, and industrial clients. In order to ensure the protection of our environment, join us in our effort to reduce, reuse, and recycle. We take pride in our work and our facility, maintaining a clean and safe recycling center. To learn more, please contact us directly at Rusty Rooster Recycling of Louisville, KY today!

Recycling Aluminum

Did you know that aluminum is infinitely recyclable? Looking toward the future, it is the metal of choice for meeting the demands of a growing economy and addressing the pressing

Recycling Copper

Copper and copper alloys have been recycled for thousands of years. We continue this tradition at Rusty Rooster Recycling. We specialize in recycling copper in Louisville, KY. Recycled copper is

Scrap Metals

At Rusty Rooster Recycling, we process all types of ferrous and nonferrous scrap metals in Louisville, KY. We are experts in devising solutions for the disposition of demolition scrap and


Welcome to Rusty Rooster Recycling

We are the honest scrapper’s best friend at Rusty Rooster Recycling of Louisville, KY. We take scrap from just about everybody! Our quick services are here to help. We will help the elderly unload and we will help remove heavy or large items from your vehicle when needed. We work with everyone from homeowners to small recycling businesses and even demolition sites and the hulking industry. There is no job too big or too small. We serve our community by collecting and recycling both ferrous and nonferrous metals.

The valuable service we provide helps to get rid of unwanted metal around the home, the neighborhood, and from commercial businesses and industrial areas. It helps improve the environment by reducing the usage of excess energy and raw materials. Did you know that recycling just one car can save more than 2,500 pounds of iron ore? There is tremendous benefit in choosing to recycle metals, instead of simply tossing them away.

There is even cash to be earned for your recycled scrap metals, including recycling aluminum and recycling copper. We offer competitive pricing and the best customer service in the industry, regardless of the size of the client. If you have scrap metal removal needs, we are interested in speaking with you today! Please note that we never take scrap from thieves—if you have stolen metal, we have been in business long enough to spot you from a mile away. Do not bother coming to Rusty Rooster Recycling.

Long story short, we offer cash for your trash. Contact us today in Louisville, KY to learn more about our auto recycling, aluminum recycling, scrap metal recycling, and copper recycling services, and get a quote on your scrap.

The Triple $50! Three times every week we draw out a name of some lucky customer to win $50. You can be the luckiest rustiest customer!


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