Recycling Copper

copper chvingsCopper and copper alloys have been recycled for thousands of years. We continue this tradition at Rusty Rooster Recycling. We specialize in recycling copper in Louisville, KY. Recycled copper is made into other articles.. We offer scrap copper recycling for individuals, businesses, and industries, helping to make better use of used copper materials.

The entire economy of recycling copper and copper alloy is dependent on the economic recycling of any surplus products. A wide range of copper-based materials exists, made for a large variety of applications. If you are not sure whether your scrap contains copper or is made of copper, bring it to our specialists. We will happily advise you if recycling is an option for your items.

Recycling copper helps to keep prices down across industries. When the most suitable materials are also the cheapest, as is the case with materials from our recycling yard, the most economical price for the material can be passed on to the consumer. In addition to recycling copper, we offer tin recycling at our facility.

At Rusty Rooster Recycling, we provide our clients with solder recycling services. This program uses state-of-the-art electrolytic recycling processes that remove both metallic and organic impurities from contaminated lead-free solder, tin-lead, and solder dross. There are two associated processes to choose from: assured recycling and tolling.

To discover the many benefits and applications to recycling copper or to schedule a drop-off, please contact us at Rusty Rooster Recycling today.

We look forward to serving you in Louisville, KY.

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