Scrap Metals

Metal scrapsAt Rusty Rooster Recycling, we process all types of ferrous and nonferrous scrap metals in Louisville, KY. We are experts in devising solutions for the disposition of demolition scrap and industrial scrap. Scrap metal is that which we harvest that can be repurposed and reworked. We are able to utilize any metal suitable for processing, and we recycle any that cannot. When you choose our facility, you get reliable and quick service.

We operate an assortment of shears, cranes, car flatteners, balers, and torching equipment. This facilitates the processing of scrap metals. For transport of scrap metal recycling, we turn to our fleet of tractor units. This ensures the safe movement of materials. If you require assistance in transporting your scrap metals, ask about our scrap metal unloading services and containers, direct from the source to our facility.

Nothing is more important to us as a scrap metal recycler than adhering to quality management systems and quality assurance. We are a responsible and environmentally conscious company, with appropriate operating practices and procedures. We maintain continuous compliance with all applicable environmental laws and regulations when it comes to recycling scrap metals.

Scrap metals come from a wide variety of sources. We work with loads of all sizes, including small loads of scrap metals from residential clients along with industrial loads of scrap. If you have metal sitting around, it could be put to good use through our recycling service. We work with nearly every variety of metal—if you are unsure if you can recycle an item, simply call and have a chat with our friendly staff! If you have scrap metals to unload, you need Rusty Rooster Recycling. We are your local source for safe, efficient recycling in Louisville, KY.

Please contact us today, or stop by to drop off your scrap metals.

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