Recycling Aluminum

Open soda cansDid you know that aluminum is infinitely recyclable? Looking toward the future, it is the metal of choice for meeting the demands of a growing economy and addressing the pressing need to preserve the environment. It is for these reasons and more that we offer our services recycling aluminum in Louisville, KY at Rusty Rooster Recycling. Our facility accepts aluminum recycling from residential, commercial, and industrial sources.

We are a post-consumer center for obtaining recycled aluminum. Recycling aluminum is important and imperative to our continued enjoyment of a healthy planet. This can range from something as small as aluminum cans recycling to large-scale pieces of aluminum scrap metal. If you have aluminum to recycle, this is the place to bring it.

Of course, used beverage container or UBC recycling is the most recognizable form of recycling aluminum, but there are many common sources that our recycling center happily takes on. Some of these sources include end-of-life products like building components, wire, window frames, electronics, tubing, and even cars. The recycling price for aluminum is invaluable—it is the most recyclable of all materials, making it the most valuable piece of metal in any recycling bin.

Nearly $1 billion worth of aluminum cans are lost to landfills every year. This means that there is a great deal of recycling profit out there to be gained. If you would like to do your part in recycling aluminum, we are here to help. Simply bring your aluminum items to our recycling center in Louisville, KY.

To learn more about recycling aluminum and our full range of services at Rusty Rooster Recycling, give us a call today.

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